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The Acoustics

Acoustics enters its eleventh year and looks back on ten years full of high flights and wonderful concerts.

In 2010, Booker Siebeth Darm founded Acoustics as an open-air series in Hamburg. From the beginning, the general conditions are set: 30 minutes per act, three acts per evening at the best time of the evening before, every Wednesday in June, July and August.

Word of the Acoustics spread quickly, and the concerts were a great success. Soon they are an integral part of Hamburg's open-air summer. Interest also grows outside the Hanseatic city, and in 2017 Berlin's Kesselhaus / Frannz Biergarten is added as a second venue.

Two years later, Acoustics will be in Essen and Hanover, and will also be present at the Nürnberg Pop Festival. Dresden, Magdeburg and Offenbach will be added in 2021.

The colorful program, with bands and acts from a wide variety of genres performing their songs in acoustic guise, on the one hand, and the fixed setting on the other, have proven to be a successful concept.


To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism.

Richard Thompson