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Lemony Rug

Between refreshing arrangements and familiar guitar sounds, edgy indie-rock with dreamy dream-pop elements melt into a sound that can best be summed up in a single mood: Lemony Rug.

It's the themes of his Generation Y that drive the musician with the impressive voice. He effortlessly combines the pictorial narrative of his idols with the international sounds of the present. Experiences from all corners of the world, which he was already allowed to call home, flow into his personal idea of familiarity.

It sounds like an old carpet, a comfortable couch and the feeling of having arrived.

Foto © Diana Muehlberger

Past events

Acoustics Essen #05/2023
Acoustics Hamburg #05/2023
Acoustics Berlin #05/2023
Essen Acoustics #01/2019
Kesselhaus Acoustics #03/2020
Kesselhaus Acoustics #03/2020

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

Frank Zappa