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Maple & Rye

Maple & Rye have always had the vision to keep the music and the experience authentic, both for themselves and for their fans. Vocal harmonies and powerful melodies mix with bombastic drumming, danceable rhythms and big choruses, paralleled by a grittiness and inwardness that contrasts with joy and dance. It's music that shifts from playfulness to intimacy and emotion.

Maple & Rye draw their musical inspiration from a wide range of influences, from blues and funk to rock and folk-pop, although the main inspiration comes from the members' own emotional lives. The band is based in Gothenburg and consists of Leo Lönnroth, Gustav Rybo-Molin, Milton Lönnroth and Henrik Bielsten.

The artistic core comes mainly from the fact that all members of the group are composers, lyricists and singers - the two strong lead singers of the band are supported by the other members and the focus is on careful and sensitive storytelling.

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Past events

Acoustics Hamburg #12/2021
Acoustics Berlin #10/2021

To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism.

Richard Thompson