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Leonard, singer-songwriter with a penchant for delicate acoustic guitar, and Jonas, rapper, beat tinkerer and all-night sound wizard. In 2018, the two decide that two musical preferences, two singers and two characters is an energetic basis to merge. OTTOLIEN - henceforth not just a surname, but a band.

Checked-out electronic sounds, hand-clapped beats with a touch of the 80s form the flying carpet driving forward. Between concrete-catchy hooks and abstract images, the two also create a hybrid mixture in their German lyrics. Those who follow them will find lyrical insights into the OTTOLIEN soul life but always also free space for their own mind games.

Foto © Christian Bardenhorst

Past events

Acoustics Hamburg #02/2022
Acoustics Berlin #01/2022

When you break out the acoustic guitar, the words are the focal point unless you're the Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar. So the words have to have meaning.

Chris Cornell