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Pascal Finkenauer

Punk chansonnier, singer-songwriter beatnik, big-city jacques-brel, Tourette pop, crazy RnB, post-electroclash – it is probably due to the variety of musical styles used by Pascal Finkenauer that one has to resort to such word creations in an attempt to somehow classify him. From beat to punk, from pop to jazz, from wave to chanson – melancholic, angry, upset, elegiac, romantic – what counts is being alive, in all facets.

Not being determined by others, to live out oneself without a set of rules.

The lyrics in particular are the poetic thread running through his songs, always slightly surreal, scratching a social and emotional surface. But for all the non-conformity, one could also simply say that someone has created beautiful and interesting pop music with poetic lyrics over the years - outside of common conventions and patterns.

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Past events

Knust Acoustics #10/2019

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

Frank Zappa