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Paula Petersen

One voice. One guitar. One story.

Attending a concert by Paula Peterssen is like a cozy evening with a good friend - relaxed and informal, yet so sincerely intimate that it sometimes moves you to tears and sometimes makes you laugh out loud. Just as if you had known her forever.

Paula tells stories from everyday life with her unpolished honest voice, in which everyone can find themselves - sometimes melancholic, sometimes hopeful, never aloof or kitschy. At the same time, she plays the guitar in such a refreshingly varied way that her lyrics get space and accompaniment at the same time.

Since the beginning of 2019, Paula Peterssen has been accompanied by bassist Judith Beschow (also bassist with "Alice Roger") and percussionist Simon Stellmacher. Since the three were already friends before their musical collaboration, the chemistry between them is intoxicating. Judith and Simon give Paula's songs new facets that one or the other might have missed in her solo program.

But whether solo or in a trio, Paula's music is ready to give a lot and ask for so little in return. Just like a particularly good friend, whose farewell makes you long for the next meeting.

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Past events

Acoustics Dresden #04/2021

When you break out the acoustic guitar, the words are the focal point unless you're the Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar. So the words have to have meaning.

Chris Cornell