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Tristan Brusch

Songwriter Tristan Brusch invites you to lose yourself in his multi-layered world: The Berliner by choice plays more than just guitar, he sings, breathes, spits, makes infinitely beautiful as well as ugly visible. One is spared elsewhere.

His music moves between disturbing contemporary poetry and a wake-up call to dream - and above all makes listener and artist accomplices.

The Berlin songwriter Tristan Brusch has, even if it may sound strange now, long searched for exactly that. And whoever listens to this key track on his new record will immediately understand why. It is a song about the overload, about the accumulation, the piling up.

Experiences, impressions, feelings, things, everything has to go into us. The right thing will already be there. Only those who constantly absorb can achieve fulfillment. Two miracles a day are nowhere near enough.

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Past events

Acoustics Hamburg #07/2021
Acoustics Berlin #05/2021

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

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