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Wed 12.08.2015

Knust Acoustics #01/2018

Today the menu includes cool drinks, specialties from the grill, summer and of course the finest open air music direct and unplugged from the so called Lattenplatz of Knust in Hamburg.

This time with Gløde, Louise Gold and Shake'n'Bake.

18:00 Uhr


Shake'n'Bake is guitarist Michael Vdelli and bassist Leigh Miller. They play in a real rock band. After their successful European tour they decided to continue their acoustic career. More

18:45 Uhr

Louise Gold

Louise Gold and her search for the perfect pop song is all about mobility: she confidently mixes stoner rock with whining Wurlitzers, surf guitars with Moog synthesizers & Karen Carpenter with Anna Calvi. More

19:30 Uhr


Growing up on the rugged coast, Glødes has driven his quest for meaning away with his own pop songs over the sandy dunes. So it is no wonder today that his hauntingly velvety voice sounds as if it were wetted with sea salt. More


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