Knust Acoustics // Foto © Marco Drews
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Wed 24.08.2016

Knust Acoustics #01/2018

Today the menu includes cool drinks, specialties from the grill, summer and of course the finest open air music direct and unplugged from the so called Lattenplatz of Knust in Hamburg.

This time with Emma6, Karlson and Kiddo Kat.

18:00 Uhr


Together they make German-language pop music without much frills and big flourishes. In their lyrics they sing about the longing for new and old homesickness. More

18:45 Uhr

Kiddo Kat

Kiddo Kat's songs glitter like a disco ball and are a declaration of love to funk and thus to everything that has driven listeners out of their chairs and onto the dance floor since James Brown to Janelle Monáe. More

19:30 Uhr


Emma6 is a German indie rock trio from Cologne, consisting of the brothers Peter and Henrik Trevisan and Dominik Republik. More


Neuer Kamp 30
20357 Hamburg
D - Germany

Tel: +49 40 87976230

When you break out the acoustic guitar, the words are the focal point unless you're the Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar. So the words have to have meaning.

Chris Cornell