Knust Acoustics // Foto © Marco Drews
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Wed 31.07.2019

Knust Acoustics #10/2019

Today the menu includes cool drinks, specialties from the grill, summer and of course the finest open air music direct and unplugged from the so called Lattenplatz of Knust in Hamburg.

This time with Pascal Finkenauer, Jackson Dyer and Handmade Moments.

Handmade Moments

From the heart of Arkansas comes the indie folk duo Handmade Moments. They transport the warmth of their home state with a lively mix of warm blues and soul, hip-hop grooves, but also jazz and country. More

18:45 Uhr

Jackson Dyer

Jackson Dyer is an Australian singer-songwriter living in Berlin. Raised on the coast of Sydney, his alternative / indie songs are steeped in both the tranquility and the stormy nature of the ocean. More

Pascal Finkenauer

From beat to punk, from pop to jazz, from wave to chanson – melancholic, angry, upset, elegiac, romantic – what counts is being alive, in all facets. This is Pascal Finkenauer! More


Neuer Kamp 30
20357 Hamburg
D - Germany

Tel: +49 40 87976230

To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism.

Richard Thompson