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Wed 28.08.2019

Knust Acoustics #14/2019

Today the menu includes cool drinks, specialties from the grill, summer and of course the finest open air music direct and unplugged from the so called Lattenplatz of Knust in Hamburg.

This time with Phil Siemers, AWKWARD i and John Vida.

18:00 Uhr

John Vida

John Vida manages to establish the style of singer-songwriter: Acoustic guitar and Cajòn paired with partly sung + rapped lyrics. Somewhere between rap, pop and singer-songwriter the guys find their own niche. More

18:45 Uhr

Awkward i

Awkward i is the pseudonym of the Dutch singer-songwriter Djurre de Haan. With his modest sense of humour, unconventionally brought thoughts are mixed with a preference for pop with lo-fi idiosyncrasies. More

19:30 Uhr

Phil Siemers

Artists like Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye or Donny Hathaway inspire him. But Phil Siemers never had to learn the soul, he just has it – in his voice, in his feeling and in his songwriting. More


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