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Magdalena Ganter

Sometimes a free-spirited comedienne, sometimes an exalted diva, sometimes both together. Whether she is an enraptured thinker and songwriter, a longing lover or a childlike joy of life - Chanson Noir creator Magdalena Ganter slips into many roles, but always remains completely herself.

Inspired by the chamber-orchestral sounds of the twenties, the artist succeeds in a carefree, yet never uninformed flirtation with fractures: She mixes vaudeville with jazz, throws in a pinch of indie from her sleeve and spices the whole thing with atmospheric-percussive sounds to create a mixture that is as wild as it is digestible, over which she pours her witty lyrics in a voice that alternates between haunting whispers and feather-light coloratura.

Ganter can also be heard at the keys. The song itself takes center stage: thirteen four-minute miniatures revolve around Ganter's life themes of freedom, departure and emancipation, doubt, fear and overcoming them. Almost always part of the game: the ironic wink, whose obliviously amused first-person narrator knows how to make life exciting for her counterpart, but sometimes also straining.

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Acoustics Hamburg #02/2021

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