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Sun 01.08.2021

Acoustics Dresden #02/2021

Today the menu includes cool drinks, specialties from the grill, summer and of course the finest music under the open sky directly and unplugged at the concert site Weißer Hirsch in Dresden.

This time with Alin Coen, Ansa Sauermann, Tiemo Hauer and Karo Lynn.


17:00 Uhr

Karo Lynn

The songs of Karo Lynn are rich in detail, varied, sometimes carried by reggae rhythms, sometimes with country reminiscences, sometimes balladesque or abruptly brute. More

17:45 Uhr

Tiemo Hauer

Tiemo Hauer is loud, angry, melancholic, flares up, turns in circles, breaks out, breaks open - musically as well as lyrically! More

Ansa Sauermann

Ansa Sauermann's songs are self-critical, open and unsparing with the problems and joys of his life. More

19:15 Uhr

Alin Coen

Alin Coen makes the complexity of the emotional world resonate and explores the connection to close people with high intimacy and touching honesty. More

Weißer Hirsch

Konzertplatz Weißer Hirsch
D-01324 Dresden
Tel. +49 351 26 31 19 50

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

Frank Zappa