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"MELE is pop music in alternative and different, even I come back to myself", said actor Klaus Kinski. God forbid! He said the bad word. But Mozart was also pop music. Not that MELE claims to be like Mozart. None of the band's red velvet three-quarter pants look particularly good. But who knows what's coming. Because pop is not just pop.

MELE is the classic band line-up supplemented by the style revolution of the 80s - a keytar and partly electronic drum sounds. This robe of unassuming coolness carries lyrics and voice of singer Mele. The lyrics are a cool look through actually so friendly and trusting brown eyes at what happens to everyone: Wanting, not being able to, resignation and then shouting "now more than ever". Without pathos. Instead with a wink. "Music to step through the table," Gandhi once said.

Foto © Manfred Pollert

Past events

Knust Acoustics #07/2020
Kesselhaus Acoustics #03/2020

To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism.

Richard Thompson