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Sun 11.07.2021

Acoustics Offenbach #01/2021

Today's menu includes cool drinks, specialties from the grill, summer and of course the finest music under the open sky directly and unplugged at Hafen 2 Heinz in Offenbach.

This time with Lina Maly, Simeon and Schimmerling.

Admission is free!

We will inform you about the hygiene measures on the part of the city of Offenbach in the coming weeks.

17:00 Uhr


SIMEON - The LSD trip among German-language bands. More

17:45 Uhr


Schimmerling suggests with every note that here is not merely a singer, but a rock star begging for redemption from all the evil spirits in the lowlands of German-language pop music. More

18:30 Uhr

Lina Maly

Lina Maly continues to establish herself as a strong, independent artist, as a champion of the beauty of the imperfect and as an instance of sincerity in German pop music. More

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